CL lighting 2018 yearly show and welcome for 2019

CL lighting 2018 yearly show and welcome for 2019

On Jan.19th, 2019 Shenzhen CL lighting has hold the yearly show which subject is “both superior and subordinate have the same desire to achieve the high level for career and life ”. All the members from CL lighting, along with the representative of Banqcn and sub-companies leaders, total about 180 members have attended this show.


At the beginning of the show, Cailan Zhang, the managing director of CL lighting has made an opening speech which is very stirring and positive. The speech as following:

Firstly, Believe

Mrs. Zhang emphasized we should believe our company, believe our leader, believe our products, believe our systems, believe our team, believe ourselves! None other than her believes and insist, she is who she is today, not only her powerful ability but the believe!

Secondly, to help others thereby to achieve their own dream.

Banqcn group company is a platform which make dreams come true, it is also a platform to help others make dreams come true thereby to make their own dreams come true. This is also the Core values of our corporate culture.

Thirdly, Appreciate

All the achievements of CL lighting and personal achievements are inseparable from the support and help of chairman Fuquan Chen and leaders of banqcn group company. Thanks to the core managers, sales elites and the whole team of CL lighting! We couldn’t develop fully without you!


Dancing <Happy Chinese New Year>


Elocnte <Here we are, we are all the members of CL lighting>



Awards for the members who make the great contribution for company


A song <You are my eyes>, you can learn from everyone cause everyone can be your guides!


Funny comic dialogue <upstairs and downstairs>


Creative T-stage show, to show our new arrivals!! Such as CR40 led linear light, round shape CQ80 led linear light, constand current 2835 led strips, high CRI high density 2110 700leds/M led strip lights…


Jazz dance <Beat drop>


Sign Dance<Nation>


Square dancing <Good Luck to come>


The ancient dance


Chorus <Tomorrow will be better>

More special moments




The successful holding of the yearly show is the beginning of CL lighting’s annual planning in 2019. Just like what Cailan Zhang, the managing director said, what we need to do is to make the good products, quality control, excellent service and glorious performance. In the New Year 2019, we will work with our clients in the same boat and make concerted efforts to create a brilliant future!!

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