What’s the differences among linear lights like soft LED strip lights, rigid LED strip bar, wall washer and linear fixtures? What are their applications?

What’s the differences among linear lights like soft LED strip lights, rigid LED strip bar, wall washer and linear fixtures? What are their applications?

Here below let’s sort their differences and advice on their applications:

1. Low Voltage Soft LED strip light


This is the most commen Low voltage LED strip, normally 12V/24V DC input.


Applications: Very convenient to use, tear the adhesive(3M brand) on the back side of the LED strip, then stick them to linear and narrow areas like book shelf, cupboard and drawer. It has advantages like changeable, Bent and arc-shaped.



There is a “Scissor” shape mark for some distance, it means it can be cut. But how long it is can be cuttable? It is decided by the voltage. For example the Shenzhen CL lighting LED strip, it is DC 24V Input, for every unit including 6 LEDs, there is a scissor mark cutting points, and each unit it is 10cm length. Sometimes there is also DC 12V input, a unit is including 3 LEDs, 5cm length.


–LED strip with protector.

You can see there is some protectors above the LED strip, for some LED strip it do not have, and it is obviously not protecting the human body from getting charged(It is much safer for low voltagage LED strip), but to prevent the dust and water gas in defferent demands. For example, some dust will stay still on the surface of the light, then the protector works and keep it clean.

Normally peopel will set 5m for the LED strip, because the Low voltage LED strip has very thinner FPCB, it is much weaker to hold the current inside. However, if much longer LED strip light is needed in some applications, then more connection points will be needed, also the LED drivers. But we can also design 20m LED strip, and we will design thicker FPCB to hold higher current inside.

2. High Voltage LED strip light


High Voltage LED strip, normally 1m or 2m for each unit to cut, and do never cut in the middle, or the whole strip can not be lit. But if we just need only 2.5m, what we can do? It is easy, just cut 3m first, then turn back the extra length, or just cover all the extra length by black tape to prevent the light leakage, so as to make sure for some parts there will be much more bright than other areas.

What’s the applications?

First, you should take very carefully notice about the 220V Voltage input, it is very dangerous is applying to areas like stairs guardrails within touch. So it is advised to higher areas without touch, like ceiling groove, but to make sure it is including the protector.

What’s the advantages?

It can be extended to 100 meters or more, 1m one unit to cut, and one LED driver can driver can be sure to driver 100m high voltage LED strips.

On the other side, the high voltage LED strip can be made to higher power one, for example 1m can be 1,000lm or 1,500lm, but pls notice there are flicker problems for higher voltage LED strips, so pls choose the right LED driver.

3. RGB LED strip



3 Chips in one LEDs, each LED can emit 3 colors, 3 colors mixed to manufacture different colors light.


R,G,B and anode for cutting and soldering point.


If only R and Anode connection point is getting charged, the strip can onlt be in red.


Anode, R,G,B are all getting chared, then comes the purple color light

What’s more, if change the current and colors of the LED strip light, more different colors can be made.

In the end, the greatest advantage for the LED strip is to cut the length as you wish, bent as you wish and very convenient to draw different curves.

4. Rigid Bar light

Essentially, thre is no much differences between flex LED strip light and rigid bar light.

When seeing the appearance, coat the flexible LED strip with rigid Aluminum bar, it will be turned into rigid bar light. Then it will creat the shapes, and will not bend if in wrong operation.

When coated with Acrylic tube, it will emit very uniform light, and one sigle and sigle LEDs will not showed in a line, so the rigid light bar is often used as linear decorative lighting.


5. Wall Washser light

Sometimes, we will add lens in the rigid light bar to satisfy our requirements, so the wall washer light can often be used to wash the wall, and this is why it is called wall washer.


Every LEDs, we add Lens for light complement


Vertically for narrow light layout


Horizontally for wide light layout

6. Fixtures

There are also more compelicated, one as a whole LED lamps, example the fixture, which is very similar to traditional fluorescent tube fixture.

clip_image028 2 T8 pins for connections


Sockets for the T8 LED tubes

Input sockets, connectors are all linked together as a long line, and you can consult the factory how long they can be linked. Some factories will make transparent Arcrylic end caps to make sure there will be not dark areas when link together.



When applied,it can be a replacement of flurosent tube light fixture, and it is also used as simple illumination in ceilings in areas like garage, warehousing, etc. And in these areas there is not much higher requests for illuminations.

Finally, we must emphasize: Select the products according to your needs, select the products according to the advantages.

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