Latest commercial track lighting solution – LED linear track light


A supplement solution to nowadays commercial track lighting applications.

What will be most popular lighting solution applied in a shop especially a branded fashion clothes store? What you may guess is – downlight and track lights. In order to provide better shopping experiences, the shop owner and lighting engineer absolutely think about spot lighting as one of the important factors while designing.



However, when there are too many clothes and too many display shelf, it will be a problem to make sure every shelf or clothes can get enough light. If you try to increase the lumens flux through adding more lights, it will looks crowded in the ceiling and most importantly caused much expensive energy costs.

The lighting designer and R&D team of CL LIGHTING noticed this point. They design and test a brand new linear type of track light to fulfill the lighting demands, integrate the advantage of spot lighting and flood lighting on one light – Linear type LED track light. Bring spot lighting to the clothes and shelf while provide a flood lighting to the roadway, one unit 20W 600mm long linear track light = 3- 4 units 20W round shape track light.


In order to provide enough lighting effects, the linear type LED track light come with following features to match different applications:

1) 2 length available: 0.6M 20W and 1M 30W.

2) High efficiency: (130lm/[email protected] and 110lm/[email protected]) @4000K

3) CRI>80 or CRI>90

4) Various beam angle: 20° / 30° / 60° / 90° and different facula provide more possibility for commercial applications.

5) The system compatible with most 4 wires 3 phase track rails in the market.

6) DALI dimmable.



Think about what other factors may be necessary in a shop or store? Here we give some options. All our efforts are to provide an elegant and smart solutions for commercial lighting via easy way to save your cost.

① Rail-mounted pilot light

② Rail-mounted emergency lamp

③ Track rail socket

④ 4 wires DALI track rail lead wire

⑤ Practical hanging hook(can be used for hanging various promotion Ads)



This linear type LED track light will be ready to be shown during the 2019 Hong Kong International Lighting Fair(Spring Edition). Don’t forget to stand by our booth 1C-C20 . We will show you more possibilities of commercial lighting and decorative lighting solutions.


By Lauris Wu

BDM & Light consultant

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