Home Decor LED Strip light

Space is the subject of the agriculture, “Light” is the soul of the space.

“LED Strip light” helps to increase the layer of indoor areas.

Which makes the space look more soft and Sentiment.

In the Minimalist Spatial Form, the LED Strip light strongly beatify our heart.


1. Ceiling designed LED Strip light

Once applied the LED strip to the ceiling, it helps to create the layers of ceiling, a mixture the bright and the dark, and form a sense of Virtual reality contrast, also the combination of  Dynamic and static.



LED Strip designs in cabinet

The LED strip in the cabinet, may help to weaken the closure of the space and non-adapt feel. When open it, you will not feel you can not see anything in the dark areas.


Especially, when the LED strip mounted under the suspended kitchen cabinet, the cookers can freely cut the vegetable and take the flavouring more safely. 



Wall designs LED strip light

If combine the LED strip light with space on the wall in the living room and bedroom,

It may help to express the elegant and restrained temperament.



Mirror designs LED strip light.

Around the mirror in the bathroom, when you add a circle of hidden LED strip light, it may outline some interesting geometries, which helps to advocate modern special individuality and highlight individual style. When you watch yourself in the mirrors you will see you look more beautiful, just like the same effects like selfie light.


Ground designs LED strip light.

The strip light can be also installed on the ground, which help to create layering of some areas, the soft dimmed light bring more safe to yourself.


Stairs Designs LED strip light.

The LED strip light mounted up/downstairs helps the illuminations in the darkness.


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