How to choose the Good LED strip light(2)

Two: CRI  (Here continues the last passage of How to choose the Good LED strip light-1)

In the LED strip applications,CRI is a very important part, and when it is widely applied to ceilings as basic illuminations or cabinet as area lighting, CRI>80 is a must for the professional LED strip light.


So from the chart above, (Red)R9’s saturation affects the CRI of the LED strip directly.



For some special projects LED strip light, CRI is a very important factor, so you must know the CRI when you purchase, in case the LED strip can not work as you expect.

Three.  Continuous illumination

Only is there not break or dark areas can we call the perfect LED strip light, so no dead light LED is allowed in the whole LED strip light. When we choose the LED strip light, pls learn the brand in this field to make sure the quality.




Four.  Simple Installations

When the LED strip is applied to the trough, the shape, size and space is very different, so it is very important how to fast connection and installation, then we can choose a proper connectors and brackets, which saves a lot of time and energy. It also helps fast connections and simple installations, and simple for maintain service and faulty parts replacements.

Finally, you should choose the LED strip light with direct connection fastener, because of the simple methods to installations.


▲CL lighting LED strip

Five. High efficiency

For LED strip light, the importance of efficiency relates a lot to its applications, for example the applications to the trough, the requested efficiency is not much higher than the larger illumination ceilings or cabinets. But for a very professional LED strip for engineering, the efficacy should be >80lm/w under CRI 80. But it could be much better if CRI 160lm/w.


With the electrical code and under the control of LED driver voltage drop, the longer the LED strip light is, much more energy it saves.

For the Max length LED strip connections, it is different for each projects, but it is the first step to learn the allowed Max LED strip light connections.

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